Our team is comprised of innovators, foodies, health nuts, and many other volunteers who put in countless hours to further our mission.  We’re working around the clock to invent new recipes.  We’re being creative, to get your kids eating healthy and loving it.  

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We’re thinking about nutrition, eco-friendly packaging, and optimizing delivery routes.  

No matter your skill set, we’ll find a way to put your talents to good use.


Volunteer Spotlight


Taylor spends his weekdays helping people get jobs at Indeed and his weekends getting to deliver food straight to people's doorsteps with Sunday Lunchbox! As a kid, celery peanut butter sticks were a favorite.


Mad food scientist and inventor of many of the recipes your kids love so much! Cyndi's childhood favorite of apples and peanut butter is still a family favorite.


Sean is a Senior Manager at Indeed and our technical lead at Sunday Lunchbox. We're grateful to him for our seamless messaging and platform allowing us to engage with our families! Sean remembers loving lots and lots of fruit as a kid!


Want to partner with us?  Request a lunchbox delivery?  We’d love to hear from you.

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