Sunday Lunchbox bakes T’uffins fresh each week, with a combination of local produce, super seeds, and high protein/fat ingredients to add to our nutritious Lunchboxes.   We continuously improve our recipes so they are kid (and adult!) friendly.  Each season we have 4 flavors available, and we celebrate each solstice/equinox by introducing our in season flavor profiles.

Check out our Summer T’uffins!

Purchase your T’uffins today and support a great cause.  All profits from T’uffin sales help provide lunch to local Austin kids.  You’ll receive your delivery Sunday afternoon as part of our Lunchbox delivery route or shipped on Monday.


High in carbs, lower protein/fat

Each season we offer at least one Energize T’uffin.  Great to grab before your favorite cardio routine or as a light snack, our Energize line features oats, bananas, and veggies.


High in protein and healthy fats

Our Refuel T’uffins are loaded with protein.  With a base of nut/seed butter, healthy oils, and additional mix-ins, you’ll get your body the recovery it needs.


We love our eggs here at Sunday Lunchbox, but are sure to offer a Vegan option each season for folks who prefer to go without. We’re hard at work inventing vegan-friendly versions of ALL our flavors!

Feature : Pepper Pops

Creamy cashew butter and sea salt offset the sweetness of maple and local organic peppers.  Pecans and raisins make this t’uffin a kid friendly option, and hemp seeds add an extra boost of super seed protein.


Want to partner with us?  Request a lunchbox delivery?  We’d love to hear from you.

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