Spring T'uffins

Available March 20 – June 21


Sunflower seed butter, local eggs, apples, and carrots comprise the base of this nut-free T’uffin.   A chemical reaction between sunflower butter and baking soda yields a beautiful green color, complimenting the orange of dried apricots for a wonder to amaze your kids.

Sweet Beets

This one’s a beauty, with a vibrant purple color meaning high in antioxidants!   Peanut butter and eggs pack in the protein, with chopped dates bringing a sweetness our kids love.

Warming flavors reminiscent of pumpkin spice muffins combine with the natural sweetness of leeks for a new twist on one of your favorites.  Leeks’n Spice is a VEGAN T’uffin and one of our PRE workout options (higher carb/lower protein.)


Somehow we managed to capture the bite and sweetness of a ginger snap in this cashew-butter based T’uffin.  You’re going to love it. 


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