Families register for our Lunchbox Family program and receive meal deliveries each Sunday.  SL meals consist of a Stoodle, a T’uffin™ and a snack.   Stoodles are created from dehydrated local produce, rice, beans and noodles, with preparation limited to adding water and heating for 3-5 minutes.  T’uffins™ are “Muffins for tough kids,” high in protein and veggies, with mix-ins including seeds and dried fruits to appeal to young children.  Parents fill out a survey each week indicating preferences/quantity of meals. 


The Lunch Lab is an immersive educational experience run onsite at our Sunday Lunchbox kitchen (fondly referred to as The Lab.)  We bring volunteers and children from across Austin to learn about food preservation and baking healthy meals, but we focus on serving those facing food insecurity and teaching families in our Lunchbox Family program.  We have varied curriculum geared towards different age levels, including topics such as:

  • Basic mixing of dehydrated veggies/fruits into SnAx (age 3+)
  • Basic preparation of veggies/fruits (age 5+)
  • The preservation process (age 8+)
  • Innovation Sessions : Stoodle/T’uffin™ recipe invention (age 10+) 
  • Volunteer Sessions : meal creation and packaging


Want to partner with us?  Request a lunchbox delivery?  We’d love to hear from you.

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