The Sampler, Monthly T’uffin Membership (4)

Monthly T’uffin Box delivery, including 4 Jumbo T’uffins in an assortment of flavors on the first Sunday of the month.

Suggested Donation: $12.50

Minimum Donation: $10.00 every month



Become part of our Lunchbox community with a T’uffin Membership.  You’ll receive monthly T’uffin Box deliveries on the first Sunday of the month, including our latest flavors and local in-season produce.  Free shipping after your first delivery is a perk of membership! T’uffin boxes are delivered on Sunday afternoons with our Sunday Lunchbox deliveries in Austin or shipped nationally on Monday.

Large T’uffin Box includes an assortment of 4 Jumbo T’uffins (not individually wrapped).  Check out our detailed T’uffin pages for more product details.

Contains the following allergens : Eggs, Nuts, Peanuts

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