Our Partners

We’re so grateful for the farmers, non-profits, sponsors, and individuals in our community who enable our mission to move forward!

Joe's Micgrogreens is a sustainable family farm in East Austin.

Thank you Joe's for providing us fresh greens each week to deliver to our families!

Junior League of Austin Volunteers lead many of our volunteer shifts, making the Sunday Lunchbox magic happen!

Farmshare Austin's mission is to grow a healthy, just and equitable local food system by increasing community food access and cultivating new farmers.

Thank you Farmshare for donating produce to Sunday Lunchbox which is used in our shelf stable and locally based Stoodles!

Urban Roots works with youth leaders to grow fresh food and build a community dedicated to achieving food equity.

Thank you Urban Roots for helping us get fresh produce onto the tables of Austin families!

Hope Full Farm is dedicated to growing high quality, nutrient dense produce through regenerative agriculture to address food insecurity among Central Texas students and their families; and supports apprenticeship opportunities for new farmers committed to these sustainable practices.

Thank you Hope Full Farm for your partnership!

Pisgah Peaks Ventures provides digital marketing solutions for small startups.

Thank you Pisgah Peaks for your continued support of our vision and help in growing our brand and awareness of food injustice!

Interested in Partnering with Us?

Join us in our mission is to improve access to local,
healthy foods for families facing food insecurity.

Reach us at contact@sundaylunchbox.com to kick off our partnership!

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