What's in a Box?

We’re being creative, to get your kids eating healthy and loving it.

Families register for our Lunchbox Family program and receive meal deliveries each Sunday.  SL meals consist of a Stoodle, a T’uffin™ and a snack.   Stoodles are created from dehydrated local produce, rice, beans and noodles, with preparation limited to adding water and heating for 3-5 minutes.  T’uffins™ are “Muffins for tough kids,” high in protein and veggies, with mix-ins including seeds and dried fruits to appeal to young children.  Parents fill out a survey each week indicating preferences/quantity of meals.


For the tough kid in all of us.

T’uffins contain local in-season produce, high in protein and the good-for-you kind of fat.   Reminiscent of a muffin, but so much better.


Our lunches require minimal preparation. Stoodles come directly from the Lunch Lab, where we dehydrate local veggies and combine them with local flavors; you just add water.

The Package Deal

We support local businesses by getting their Gluten Free/Dairy Free products in our boxes. Partner with us today!


Want to partner with us?  Request a lunchbox delivery?  We’d love to hear from you.

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