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Boost by Sunday Lunchbox is a program targeted at helping families bring local, fresh produce to their tables.  Families who benefit from the Boost program are often those with the means to provide meals for their children, but who may not be able to afford to buy local or choose the healthy options that many of us take for granted.  Sunday Lunchbox makes it possible for these families to eat healthier by providing a donor sponsored subsidy program that lowers the cost of local organic produce to match what parents currently pay for conventional imported options.  

Boost is an attractive option to our donors because their money goes further towards making a difference in our community.  Not only are they supporting local Austin families by helping them choose healthier options, but in the process also supporting local farmers.  In addition to their own money going to causes that they support, their donation redirects others’ money that would otherwise have been spent on conventional produce from large chain stores.  Depending on the percentage subsidized, this means affecting 1.5x+ the donation amount of cashflow in our local economy.

Visit our Donation Page and select Boost to make a donation to this program!


Want to partner with us?  Request a lunchbox delivery?  We’d love to hear from you.

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